Our school provides a host of co-curricular activities. As our homes are typical city-based without any access to proper recreational infrastructure, the co-curricular training and activities offered by Bhagwat vidyapeeth such as like Robotics, Hackathons, music, sports and a lot more, has helped us to stay engaged with other crucial life things apart from studying at school. Our school prioritizes Love, Care and Respect. We are also provided with extra and remedial classes to boost up our academics.

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Bhagwat Vidyapeeth school

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Our Features

We have successfully implemented following Features

Extracurricular activities

Co‑curricular activities account for the leaner’s strong social skills, physical and mental well‑being, and so much more. School plays a significant role in complementing the student’s efforts to progress in co‑curricular activities.

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Playing a sport is a great way for children to take a break from academics and release the pent-up energy. It also helps them lead fuller and happier lives as regular sports and fitness activities have proven to provide not only physical benefits but also social and psychological benefits to children.

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Computer Education

Innovation in Computer technology has a profound impact on education. It forms a part of the school curriculum as it is an essential part of every individual today. Computer education in schools plays a major noteworthy role in the career development of young children.

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